Aug 17, 2011

Weekday Potluck #4: Fish and Pie

This week's Weekday Potluck schedule was delayed for two reasons, one was that I was sick and couldn't put it up, and that I wanted to move it closer to the weekend, where most of us including me indulge in so much food. :)

To start the party, here are three featured participants from last week:

Fish and Chips by Jenn of I Live To Eat!

Salmon Cakes by Pattie of Olla Podrida

and Buko (Coconut) Pie from Maiylah of Picture Clusters

I would like to make a few changes to the potluck, and make things a bit more interesting. We are going to have an automatic link exchange here at the potluck. Here is the rundown of the mechanics:

  • Each week, all the participants who submit their links to Weekday Potluck will be included in a list.
  • For each following week, those included in the previous week's list will be placed at the end of the post of each participant, so everyone can have their links exchanged.
  • So if you participated last week, you are included in the sponsors for this week. Those who do not include the link list at the end of their post will not be included in the list.
  • Participants for this week who follow the guidelines will be included in next week's sponsor list.
  • There's no more need to place the button at every post, instead the small link list will take its place.
  • This is a great opportunity to widen your scope of readers and boost your buzz. :) Let me know what you think :)
  • This is the test run, if everything goes smoothly, then the automatic link exchange will be a keeper. 
Here are the list of sponsors that you need to place at the end of your post:


    1. I like your idea sis, but I wish you could provide a code for lighter work on our end hahaha.

      Im joining again.

    2. This is such a good idea Pearl. thank you for the link up.
      I just copy and pasted the list of sponsors ~ glad they worked and linked up (no more lots of typing, Yey!)
      Have a great weekend!

    3. Thank you for hosting, Pearl. I am linking up Pecan Pie Muffins today. I hope you have a great weekend!

    4. Thanks for hosting. I appreciate the concept, but I try not to have a ton of links. I did backlink to you. Is it ok that I still link?

    5. Thanks for linking up! @Erin, yes, it's okay, this is just a test run, and if you decide not to join the sponsor list for next week, just use the badge and link back to my homepage :)

    6. Hi Pearl,
      I'm not sure why, but the links are not transferring over when I copy and paste :(
      If you have a trick - let me know.

    7. glad to have made it this time again! lol
      thanks so much for hosting and for the feature, Pearl :)

      hope you're fine now!
      happy weekend ♥

    8. joining for the first time! :)