Sep 29, 2011

Weekday Potluck 9: Banoffee Pie

Nothing gives a sweeter message than the most sinful homemade desserts, and one of my favorites are Banoffee Pies. Just look at that lovely slice shared to us last week by A Slice Of Kate! Isn't it just lovely? :) 

*sigh* Another busy week of trainings, and months more after this one. But I'm doing my best to update and post, hopefully with new recipes to share.
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Sep 22, 2011

Weekday Potluck 8: Pineapple Strawberry Smoothie

My apologies for not being able to get back last week, it has been a swirl of mayhem between the trainings and applications that I didn't notice that the scheduled post didn't go live. The giveaway is still ongoing though, and after I finish everything needed to start my career, I'll be back to cooking and blogging. :)

What we have here is a pretty pink smoothie from Mika of Time To Eat. She says it's made of pineapple and strawberry, I never had one before but maybe I'll give that a try! :)

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Sep 18, 2011

The Paleo Diet

My apologies for getting back to blogging late, I was busy with so many things that it was too late when I realized that the scheduled post for the Weekday Potluck and other posts did not go live as planned.

Nevertheless, I have here a wonderful guest writer, James, from Food On The Table, giving us a very interesting take on a new and increasingly popular Paleo Diet. :)

Why the Paleo Diet is Worth Thinking About 

A diet that is environmentally friendly is what we are all looking to have when we put on our meal planner hats. There are many places like organic food shops and farmers markets that help make these foods more accessible to the average person. However, whenever you think about this kind of diet, imagine less meat and more nuts, beans, vegetables, and grains. This image of the diet has created a culture which turns to low-fat high carbohydrate foods with increased fiber and less meat. If this is the way society is going, then why are we seeing record highs in pork demand? Why are bacon and pulled pork sandwiches the staple on most menus if it goes against the beliefs of environmentally conscious eaters? 

One reason for this could be the popularity of certain diets. One of these diets is the Paleo Diet and it has appealed to many different people such as celebrities, athletes, and even some vegetarians. This diet also known as the Caveman Diet takes us back 2.5 million years to the Paleolithic Era where our ancestors’ diets consisted of protein, healthy fats, and less carbohydrates. 

“Paleo Diet for Athletes” by Loren Cordain and Joe Friel shows us that even American athletes are eating incorrectly. They state that athletes are not eating enough fresh fruit, seafood, vegetables, and leans meats, but rather taking in too much refined sugar, cereals, and dairy products. Cordain and Friel do present a host of evidence that supports their argument. For example, an article in the New England Journal of Medicine sums up what they are saying very well when it states that: “the time-honored diets with low fat and high carbohydrates do not work with weight loss as well as high protein and low carbohydrates ones do”. 

The anti-vegetarian sentiment and the authors’ apathetic view towards organic food has been attacked by many eco-friendly consumers. However, there are also some vegetarians and eco-friendly consumers who are taking a look at what this diet is promoting. There are a number of points that are made to show that eating meat is not actually worse for the environment and that in some cases it’s better: 

1. Sustainable agriculture relies heavily on grass fed livestock to provide manure to use instead of chemical fertilizers and to encourage plant growth. 
2. Soy production has increased because it’s a staple in many vegetarians diet, but it is responsible for intense deforestation in South American countries like Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina. 
3. Cheese can be more harmful to the environment than meats like chicken and pork. 
4. The greenhouse gas emissions from transporting fruit, vegetables, and cereals is more detrimental than that of chicken, fish, and red meat according to a study done by Christopher Weber and H. Scott Matthews. 

It should be noted that the Paleo Diet is not intend to market itself as an environmentally friendly diet. It is, in fact, simply trying to move away from foods that are frozen, packaged, processed, high in fat, and environmentally detrimental. It strives to promote fresh food, seeds, nuts and low environmental impact foods. It is unlikely that the skepticism many environmentalists have regarding meat will ever dissipate, but trends like the Paleo Diet shed some light on the existing discrepancies of our current lifestyle choices. This diet makes us think more critically about our food. 

Food on the Table is an online community where users can enjoy exchanging ideas, search for healthier recipes and options, and learn more about eating healthy. Meal Planning is a key feature of the community, where you can keep track of what you intake.
Sep 8, 2011

Blogger Shirt Giveaway

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Weekday Potluck 7: Picadillo Soup

During this rainy season, everyone loves a hot and hearty soup to sip, right? Our featured dish for today is Soup Picadillo from Bonz World. :)

I have just visited the participants' linked posts and realized that it does look cluttered for the post to have the sponsor list at the end of each post. As much as I'd love the link exchange, since not all of you want the added clutter, then I am reverting the potluck rules to the original one.

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Sep 5, 2011

Pandan Chicken Recipe


It's been so long since I last cooked. There's a lot going on in my life right now as my career is already starting, and the rainy weather has been draining all my energy away. Just this morning the sun finally peeked and stayed throughout the day, and I saw our pandan plants (screwpine leaves) in the garden, lush and green, waiting for me to pick on their wonderful foliage.

Now I don't want to make some pandan-flavored dessert, but I do want to cook pandan chicken. I've been eating a lot of it before, but I've never actually tried to cook some. The thought of eating sticky pandan flavored bite-sized chicken is so welcome right now. So here's my first try, and it came out delicious. You might want to adjust the seasonings or taste if you're not used to it. :)

Pandan Chicken Recipe

  • a bunch of pandan leaves
  • 8 pcs chicken thigh filletscut into 2-inch cubes
  • 1 inch piece ginger, peeled and grated finely
  • 3 cloves garlic, crushed and minced
  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • 2 1/2 tsp oyster sauce
  • 1 1/2 tsp sesame oil
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp asian fish sauce
  • 1 tsp ground black pepper

Cooking Directions

  1. In a deep bowl, combine the chicken pieces with all the ingredients above except the pandan leaves.
  2. Leave at the fridge to marinate for two hours.
  3. Lay a piece of chicken on one end of the pandan leaf and roll tightly. The chicken will shrink a bit during cooking so it's better to roll tight.
  4. Secure the end with a toothpick.
  5. Deep fry until golden brown.
  6. Remove the toothpicks and serve hot.
Sep 1, 2011

ChikBoy's Lechon Cebu

My sister has been raving about ChikBoy being a great fast food to eat in, and she claims that their lechon cebu was something you would like to eat when you're on a budget and still want some comfort food. It was weird when I heard her say it, because she is not fond of fatty foods, and she hardly ever likes any fast food joint.

But then again, with the gloomy weather making me lose all my mojo in posting and doing my oDesk jobs, maybe comfort food in the form of roast whole pork cut into bite-sized pieces isn't such a bad idea. I was a bit turned off by the time the plate got to us, because the meat was all greasy. But hey, what's lechon without the fat, right?

So I may have had a lot of high expectations for this one, but at the end of the day, I had better tasting lechon than this one. No, not from Metro Manila, but the ones I had from the provinces. But Chikboy's lechon cebu is yummy, and their vinegar dip that's light and different than usual does amp up the flavor a lot. :) And yes, we did indulge, but not too much. The staff was friendly and kept offering us another free bowl of rice, even though we kept declining.

Weekday Potluck #6: Potato Croquettes + Giveaway

Won't you love those cute little potato croquettes from My Twisted Recipes? They look good, and my brothers and I could eat these all day!

As I noticed that I haven't been on the mood lately to post anything on my blog, nor even go to other blogs and read away, my traffic slowed down a bit. It's not a remarkable decrease, but it does tell me that I have to get out of bed despite the horrible weather.

So, to make things better, and to make up for not promoting my blog and the Weekday Potluck meme well, I am starting the -Ber months with a little giveaway. :) I was so happy with the blogger shirt that Peek My Style is sending over to me, that I was inspired to give away a Blogger Shirt of your choice to you guys as well. For international members, I would ask if they can ship to your country, and if they don't, I'll send you Paypal cash instead. :)

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