Sep 8, 2011

Weekday Potluck 7: Picadillo Soup

During this rainy season, everyone loves a hot and hearty soup to sip, right? Our featured dish for today is Soup Picadillo from Bonz World. :)

I have just visited the participants' linked posts and realized that it does look cluttered for the post to have the sponsor list at the end of each post. As much as I'd love the link exchange, since not all of you want the added clutter, then I am reverting the potluck rules to the original one.

I have another giveaway for this month! Up for grabs is your choice of a Blogger Shirt, to be chosen from none other than Go to the Giveaway Page. :)

Sample prize (many designs to choose from):


  1. Hmm how do I join? Do I need to make a post regarding picadillo soup? (1st time here :) )

  2. Thank you for hosting! The soup looks deLISH!

  3. thanks for featuring my soup ;)

  4. yay! its my first time to join sis! thanks nga pala for the invite. my first entry is up too :)