Sep 26, 2012

Company Feature: Frabelle Foods Corporation

A trip to the grocery store or supermarket, consumers are faced with a lot of brand options to choose from when buying produce. While most go for the fresh, unprocessed meat products, many still prefer processed foods to save time on preparation and to save themselves from the stress of deciding what to serve for the day. They say that processed meats lack the quality and taste of homemade meals, but Frabelle Corporation begs to differ.

The company, who chose Senator Chiz Escudero for his credibility and reach, has boomed in profits and sales since its first launch in the market last year. Going by the motto, "Sadyang Pinasarap", the company promises that their products are not produced for profit by cutting back on quality as most processed foods have been given that impression.
It instead adheres with old world culinary disciplines, such as naturally smoking meat and blow-torching sugar, combined with state of the art equipment to make their products stand out amidst the multitude of similar products already established in the market. Frabelle Foods meat products not only have the taste of well-prepared foods that your family will surely love, they have affordable prices and consumers gets more than their money's worth.

Some of you may remember the TV commercial featuring the senator, with his line, "Iba ang pinasarap ng pinag-ukulan ng panahon, iba ang preparasyon, mataas ang quality, sadyang pinasarap." With the National Meat Inspection Service granting the company an AAA certification, we can all be assured that Frabelle Foods will definitely hold on to their promise.

Some of the company's featured products are Yummy! Hotdogs and Cheesedogs, Pork Ham Tocino, Honey Ham, Hickory Smoked Bacon, Longganisa Hamonado, Pear Shaped Ham, and Honey Glazed Ham. Here's a quick preview of one of their products that is always welcome in our home, anytime of the day. I also have a review about Frabelle Food's longganisa, tocino, and other products.

Frabelle Longganiza Hamonado:

Frabelle Foods Longganiza Hamonado is made from combination of ground pork and beef blended with the right spices and ingredients which give its sweet, spicy and garlicky taste. The meat blend is reduced to a homogeneous mass called emulsion, stuffed into collagen casings, and then cooked to the required internal temperature.

The finished product has a distinct brown skin color. It is firm and the cooked product has a predominant meaty taste of sausage.  It is smoked with 100% natural imported wood chips that give the sausage their natural smoky aroma and flavor.

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  1. How about the casing? Do i peel off the casing before cooking?