Meet The Chef

Hi! I'm Pearl, a fresh graduate from Manila Doctors College and now a homebody while waiting for my professional license. I love to eat, cook, and bake, just like any other girl out there. :)

From my experiences of starting out as a newbie chef for a little over a year now, I love cooking for a certain special someone who always loves what I cook. My family loves the meals I cook as well, even my brothers who are the pickiest eaters in the world.

I also do food reviews, all of which are based on the truth and on my own personal experience. Most of them came from my own pocket, and though some are given to me for free, I still give a hundred percent factual review, with a ton of honesty and sometimes, guts to say the truth. :)

I hope I helped you at some point, and I hope you enjoyed some of the recipes I posted here.